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Bits & Pieces...

  • Quick look into my studio...

    My studio, which I love BUT it is never this clean!! A clean office usually indicates a photo shoot or slow sales. This was a photo shoot right before my launch. This year I expanded my studio and converted to a standing everything! My computer is permanently at a treadmill - it is not always on but I have to stand. I've learned to sew standing as well! At first, my days were long and tiring from standing all day, but I quickly got used to it. One thing I have learned from standing - wear shoes or at least stand on a yoga mat, your feet will thank you!

  • Where do I get my fabric patterns?

    I'm going to try to create a little blog every week! It is hard to make time to share plus I really don't like talking about myself! BUT I get asked a lot where my pattern fabric comes from and people are surprised when I say that I design the patterns and choose the colors. I fell in love with patterns as an interior designer and learned enough graphic design to make my pattern dreams a reality. I really love creating a pattern and then playing around with scale and color... It is a limitless playground for me :) This journey has not been easy, finding fabric suppliers and printers took some time and trial + error. Today, I'm so happy with my bumpy journey, I still have much to learn, but the path is much smoother and definitely more FUN!


  • Launch Week Reflection...

    My first thought about our launch is yay!! I have awesome, supportive customers and I love them all... but after a week what do I really think?? First of all, I LOVE building something new, creating new products, design patterns, photography, building a website... Yes, I did it all myself. I was able to stay focused throughout this process, which led to my amazing new collection! Now what?? I need to focus on marketing and spreading the word, which I do not love and I'm not good at it. BUT I'm determined!! Of course, my mind is working on some new releases for Fall, but my main focus needs to be this new collection!

    Me sewing

    Okay my studio is never this clean...


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