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Interior Design

I took a long break from interior design because the logistics and stress became too demanding and a career I once loved became unfulfilling and draining. Lately, I've started to feel that I'm wasting my 20+ years of experience in Interior Design. So I'm restarting my interior design services in a new way! I'm offering affordable, flat rate virtual interior design packages that allow you to easily implement your customized design plan with my assistance and expertise.

1 Room is only a flat $475!

All the details are below, but if you want to start with the FREE Questionnaire followed by a free consultation over email or phone click here. Answer as many questions as you like and I will contact you so we can discuss your project in details. There is never any pressure to move forward or buy products.

Now what is included in the $475 flat fee? 

Concept Board (up to 2 per room so you have options):

Product List (1 for each Design Concept, Includes prices and "shop it" buttons):

Floor Plan Layout (up to 2 per room):

And of course communication with me throughout the project by email, messaging, phone... Whatever is best for you.

Request a project by pressing the link below. You will be directed to purchase a package and create an account in Design Files. Once you pay for your package, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions about your project. Everything will be sent to me and the fun will start! I will contact you within the next business day to touch bases as I get started on your project.

If you are not quite ready or have questions just email me at Or you could fill out the questionnaire for free and I will contact you!

Click here to purchase a room package:  { Room Package }

Click here to start with the FREE questionnaire:  { Questionnaire }

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